Tuesday, December 27, 2005

End of Year Bummer Quote List

Seeing as there are now less than five full days before 2006, all sorts of lists of bests and worsts of 2005 are appearing everywhere.

Drudge posted a link to the Media Research Center's "Best of Notable Quotes" which we repeat here. We checked them out initially thinking there was posting fodder there. There is, but the overall effect was enough to make us wish the doc hadn't ordered us to quit drinking strong beverages a couple of years ago.

So much elitist ignorance and BS, compacted and backed up with video and MP3 clips, is like a stealth weapon that backfires upon its makers. It drenches the soul, so recently lifted anew with Christmas cheer, with the written equivalent of the Skin of Evil that claimed Security Chief Lt. Tasha Yar (ST-TNG fans will remember).

Bottom line: There's just so much crap a rational human can absorb before they lose their joy. You have to protect yourself a bit.

So read the quotes if you want. You've been warned.


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