Monday, December 26, 2005

Merry Christmas, one and all

As you may surmise we've been taking a bit of time away from the keyboard, what with Christmas and the sudden onset of the flu.

The result is that we're totally out of the loop on what's happening, and that's kind of nice for a change.

For Christmas, one of the sons of the Oklahomilist presented him with the Simon & Garfunkle "Old Friends" DVD, which we watched this afternoon. A masterpiece of mixing old and new. The arrangements on the songs were creative, and pumped new life into good material. For a couple of guys in their mid-60s Paul and Art are kicking butt. A special treat was seeing their tribute to Phil and Don Everly, and watching the Everlys, who are just a tad older than S&G, do some serious butt-kicking of their own.

We'd feel a bit guilty about wallowing in musical nostalgia, except that Paul Simon's music is timeless. He has a philosopher's eye and the soul of a poet, and a great singing partner, now that the egos have been satiated.

It's good to see old friends.


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