Friday, December 09, 2005

A vapor trail with serious mojo

Did you hear about the report from the American Airlines pilots on November 26 that they believed someone had fired a missile or rocket at them just offshore of Los Angeles?

It made a small splash in the media, and was almost as quickly forgotten, especially by the MSM.

Then came the requisite FBI and Homeland Security denials that "nothing happened here, move along folks." Still others were speculating that the pilots saw a vapor trail and misread it for something sinister.

Well, not so fast!

Jack Cashill has a report today over at World Net Daily that pours some serious cold water on the pollyanna pap we've been fed. The gist is that something very strange can be seen on the computerized LAX Airport Monitor, and anyone, including you, can view it. (At least until they decide to take it down for a memory wipe, so act quickly).

An instructional note: you have to set the parameters to the 20-mile view or you will miss the good stuff. Make sure that you run the scenario through several times, clicking on both Flight 612 and the strange green airplane that is not an airplane (but briefly is identified by the computer as a mirror-image Flight 612 for a few moments). Pay very close attention to the altitude changes of Flight 612, as well as the boogey.

All in all there is about 50 seconds of documented weirdness which, if you begin to accept the idea that someone shot something fast at the American jetliner, is bone-chilling.

Bottom line: Vapor trails do not usually show up on radar sweeps. They also do not dramatically change altitudes from 1,200 ft. to over 7,000 ft. in a few seconds. Yet something did, matched paths for a few moments with a plane full of civilians, and then disappeared from the radar screen.

Satisfy your curiosity and need to know.


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