Thursday, January 05, 2006

Now it's personal ... grilling is out

We knew it was just a matter of time. The situation in Oklahoma has gotten so dry that the state has implemented a ban on outdoor grilling.

We aren't exactly sure whether that ban covers gas grills as well as charcoal grills, but we won't take the risk that our bagpipe playing neighbor might rat us out if we throw on a couple of steaks.

And no, we have not turned him in for disturbance of the peace, much as we have been tempted.

Seriously we have no beef with the grill ban itself (yeah, we know that's a bad one). It's just that with the weather so warm, we will abstain from trying to grill steaks in the stove. We'd prefer not to run the air conditioner if we can avoid it.

The lieutenant governor of Oklahoma, Mary Fallon, is calling on churches to make this "Pray for Rain!" weekend in Oklahoma.

Why wait?


At 10:54 PM, Blogger AWG said...

I just did a front-page story in the Lawton Constitution noting that folks need to report the idiots who toss their cigarette butts out the window. Those people should either be ticketed or arrested, in my opinion.


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