Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A miracle turns to misery

A lot of sadness this morning in West Virginia and among those who stayed up late to catch the news before going to bed.

Twelve of the 13 missing miners are dead. Somehow the news was misreported last night - and stayed misreported for another three hours - that 12 of the 13 had lived. Apparently this was told to the families of the miners, as well as the rest of the nation.

We were among those so misled. We posted the link and a "miracle" headline at, our website, about midnight (since corrected) and went to bed thinking that something wonderful had happened.

A lot of daily newspapers who put their papers to bed ("let those presses roll") before 3 a.m. were scrambling this morning to explain why they have the story 180 degrees wrong. The New York Times online edition still had it wrong as of a few minutes ago ... but you know how they hate to ever admit they have anything wrong or misleading.

Still the story isn't the press embarrassment. The story is the heartache and pain among the families and friends of the dead miners, and the battle for life of the lone survivor.

Our prayers go out to them.


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