Thursday, December 29, 2005

You don't tug on Superman's cape ...

This is the kind of boasting that might get you more than you bargained for.

Dec 29, 2005 — DUBAI (Reuters) - Al Qaeda in Iraq said it had launched missiles at Israel from Lebanon as part of a "new attack" on the Jewish state, a statement posted on the Web said on Thursday.

"The lion sons of al Qaeda launched … a new attack on the Jewish state by launching 10 missiles … from the Muslims' lands in Lebanon on selected targets in the north of the Jewish state," said the statement, attributed to al Qaeda and posted on an Islamist Web site.

It appeared to be the first claim of responsibility from al Qaeda for an attack on Israel from Lebanon. The statement could not be authenticated, but was posted on a main Web site frequently used by Iraqi insurgent groups.

We know some of our friends joke that liberalism is a mental condition, and sometimes we wonder, but when people purportedly representing al Qaeda spout off how they've just "vented" 10 missiles at Israel, you REALLY have to question whether they know which side is up.

Combine this insanity with the egomaniacal ravings of Iran's president about Israel's non-right to exist and it's development of nuclear weapons, and a SANE person might start worrying that 2006 is going to be a very bad year.


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