Wednesday, December 28, 2005

'United States exporting its violence to Canada'

Damn. They're on to us.

TORONTO, Ontario (AP) -- Canadian officials, seeking to make sense of another fatal shooting in what has been a record year for gun-related deaths, said Tuesday that along with a host of social ills, part of the problem stemmed from what they said was the United States exporting its violence.

"I think it's a day that Toronto has finally lost its innocence," Det. Sgt. Savas Kyriacou said. "It was a tragic loss and tragic day."

While many Canadians take pride in Canadian cities being less violent than their American counterparts, Toronto has seen 78 murders this year, including a record 52 gun-related deaths -- almost twice as many as last year.

"What happened yesterday was appalling. You just don't expect it in a Canadian city," the mayor said.

"It's a sign that the lack of gun laws in the U.S. is allowing guns to flood across the border that are literally being used to kill people in the streets of Toronto," Miller said.

Miller said Toronto, a city of nearly three million, is still very safe compared to most American cities, but the illegal flow of weapons from the United States is causing the noticeable rise in gun violence.

"The U.S. is exporting its problem of violence to the streets of Toronto," he said.

Pop quiz: When does a city "lose its innocence"? After the 77th homicide or only after the 51st gun-related homicide?

Last year, when there were half as many deaths, was Toronto still innocent?

And those nasty guns, they just keep crossing that border with Canada, probably looking for work so they can send back money to Mama 45 and all her little cap-pistol kids. A border that isn't being patroled by the evil George Bush and Karl Rove, a clear signal for Americans to send their guns northward.

Yeah, Paul. Exporting violence to Canada. That's the secret plan.

Getting serious for a moment, the real problem with this story is the writer for the Associated Press who is doing what we've come to expect: a clear number on the United States.

Notice that the opening paragraph talks of how officials are "seeking to make sense" of a fatal shooting. It involved a dispute in a group of 10-15 youths. Was it a gang? Nobody bothers to even mention the incident again.

There is a mention of a "host" - we presume that means a whole bunch - of societal ills, but the main focus of the story is Society Ill Numero Uno for official Canada, the Estados Unidos.

At last, way down toward the end of the story, when officials are finished whining about endemic barriers of discrimination and poverty, post-modern hopelessness and angst, the reporter decides to include a quote from one sensible Canadian:

John Thompson, a security analyst with the Toronto-based Mackenzie Institute, says the number of guns smuggled from the United States is a problem, but that Canada has a gang problem -- not a gun problem -- and that Canada should stop pointing the finger at the United States.

"It's a cop out. It's an easy way of looking at one symptom rather than addressing a whole disease," Thompson said.

This year in Tulsa there have been something on the order of 60+ homicides, most of these involving guns. Based on everything we've heard and read, the overwhelming majority are gang-related or drug-related, or both. It's nothing to brag about, and each and every death is a tragedy to someone.

But realistically, Tulsa lost its innocence way back in the oil patch days about the time the first drunken rig worker tried to sweet talk some cowboy's gal in a local watering hole. You can find similar histories for every city and hamlet on the planet.

Innocence isn't something you achieve by burying the guns and locking away the sharp cutlery. It's something you reacquire when you purge your heart of the desire to serve yourself first, last and always, and then only with the help of God's grace.

Something to think about as we hear more and more liberals telling us how we ought to pass laws to force this, that and the other thing. But we have to keep our faith beliefs hidden.

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