Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Green Acres is the place to be?

From "This Is London," this headline:

'Mental health better' in country

This is news? Guess not.

People who live in the country have better mental health than those who live in towns and cities, researchers have said.

Some theories have suggested that the isolation of rural living, the lack of social networks and difficulties accessing amenities have a negative impact on country-dwellers' mental health.

But other studies have shown higher rates of common mental disorders such as depression and anxiety in urban areas, and also higher rates of suicides.
Our own view, completely unscientific but based upon personal experience, is that there is no contest as to which offers the best promise for good mental health, but it is age dependent. You have to be old enough to appreciate living in the country.

We grew up in the country, and it drove us crazy. So after college we headed to the big city.

As you get older the effect reverses. Who knew?


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