Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Raking in the New Year

Happy belated first post of 2006.

Yeah, we know. It's about time.

But we've been busy.

Visiting relatives in Missouri and far NE Oklahoma. This included perhaps the best round of miniature golf the Oklahomilist has ever played ... and I still lost by two strokes.

Raking and bagging leaves. Forget the "let nature reclaim it herself" mantra of the past season. Our fire danger here in Oklahoma has reached the point where it is the pinnacle of foolishness to ignore the leaves on the lawn. Can't do much about the majestic oaks that still have about a third of their leaves intact other than to whisper gently at them to "get the hell in gear!"

But with both hands firmly planted on the keyboard and one nostril nervously twitching at odors in the air, we're back in action.


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