Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Lampoon my prophet and die

Shamelessly stolen from Wuzzadem.

It's amazing, almost beyond belief, that thousands of people are marching, shouting, mad-as-hell at the western world because a Danish newspaper printed a couple of poorly drawn cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed in a less than glowing light.

They're so angry, they are declaring that the cartoonists should be stoned, or hanged, or burned, or mutilated, or have their nose hairs plucked and their eyes gouged out, their entrails unstretched, and their toothpaste tubes squeezed dry.

They're so angry over the cartoon insult that they are now shouting out and carrying signs that urge all good Muslims to kill a westerner, or a Jew, just for the sake of restoring honor to their universe.

But don't accuse them of hatred or intolerance!

One Muslim interviewed by said something to the effect that she was so afraid now because Europeans are "re-learning hatred."

Well, yes, and not only Europeans. All of us are watching the streets of Tehran, Damascus, Kabul, etc., for this advanced tutorial being given for the world.

For more on this topic, check out:

Michelle Malkin, who is accused by one Muslim writer in Toronto of being a hatred-filled racist. And fat.

The Phantom, whose View from 103 includes some concern that the Danes need some moral support right now. And he has a couple of good ways to suggest.

Captain Ed cites reports that marvel at the "well planned spontaneity" of Islamic embassy burnings.

But nothing violent, of course.


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