Monday, March 27, 2006

Let's not argue about ooh killed ooh

There might be evidence, and we might just not want to know.
US not probing Russian war role cited in Iraqi memos: Pentagon

The United States has not opened an investigation into Iraqi documents that said Russia passed information to Baghdad on US military movements during the 2003 invasion, a Pentagon spokesman said.

Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman would not say whether the documents -- one of which indicated that Russia had a spy in the US military command in Qatar -- had been previously investigated.

But he cautioned reporters not to "drill down into one particular document and make it more than what it is."

"What it is" is apparently something we don't want to talk about.

It goes right along with the blinders we wear against looking at our illegal immigration problem, our balance of payments deficits, our reliance upon foreign oil, our increasingly worthless fiat currency, etc.


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