Saturday, March 25, 2006

Rising to a Point of Order

Noted in a story about high school students walking out of class and protesting new immigration proposals:
A Montebello High School student, Jeannette Garcia, 15, said she participated to "make sure the Mexicans get their freedom, their rights."
Your protesting the wrong country, young lady. Mexican freedom and Mexican rights should be guaranteed by Mexico.
The march Saturday is being organized to protest proposed federal legislation criminalizing illegal immigrants and erecting a wall along the U.S.-Mexican border.
This sentence from LA Times reporters Anna Gorman and Michelle Keller prompt us to ask if, uh, gee, isn't it true that being in this country illegally is already a crime?

Of course it is. The new legislation is seeking to enforce existing regulations. That's what's unacceptable to so many people. Shame on these reporters for either not knowing the truth, or attempting to create a new reality that, frankly, isn't true at all.


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