Thursday, March 02, 2006

Oklahoma Fires Back in the News

There were a lot of ashes left over at the conclusion of Ash Wednesday in Oklahoma, and two or three big fires in Tulsa County have brought it close to home.

In Broken Arrow, one firefighter inhaled smoke and another sustained minor burns while helping suppress a possible arson blaze that charred about 300 acres, officials said.

In neighboring Tulsa, a lit cigarette is believed to have started a fire that blackened 300 to 500 acres, Tulsa Fire Capt. Larry Bowles said. One barn was destroyed, and four other structures were threatened, officials said.

But we were luckier than some. Down in Stephens County 30 homes were destroyed, and seven firefighters were hurt, one of them critically.

And they think that fire was intentionally set.

We would argue that fires caused by tossed cigarette butts are also intentionally set, inasmuch as anyone familiar with cigarettes ought to know that fire is a main component of the experience. Which brings up the question: during this time of high fire danger, aren't we making things worse by implementing the law that in effect will ban smoking from most restaurants?

Guess it's a question of whether you want your smoke inhalation a little at a time, with a possible associated health risk spanning several years, or you'd rather get your smoke inhalation a lot faster as your neighborhood goes up in flames.


At 1:01 PM, Blogger AWG said...

Was there in the midst of it all. Very sad. Some suspect arson, at least in our corner of the state. Can you imagine someone that evil, if it's true?


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