Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Small Favors, But a Little Late in the Season

Oklahoma Natural Gas, one of two big companies that provide the fuel of choice for heating and cooking in the Sooner state, has voluntarily asked the state Corporation Commission to lower the rate it charges customers. This will save the average customer between $11 and $12 a month, ONG said.

Of course the rate decrease goes into tomorrow.

What is the temperature outside today? Take a guess!

Tulsa International Airport
Last Update on Mar 1, 1:53 pm CST
Mostly Cloudy

Pardon our Okie, but we ain't usin' any damn natural gas today, not even to heat water.

And one other thing, we were just outside, driving around with the windows down, looking at all the dried up vegetation that any other year would be turning green, staring into the deep blue Oklahoma sky, and so we can't help but wonder:

Mostly cloudy????

The airport isn't that far away!

Maybe they are counting the contrails from the jets that used to dissipate back in the good old days but today just hang around and get thicker and weirder.


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