Friday, April 07, 2006

Anti-Christrian news cycle a prelude to movie?

It would take diabolic orchestration on a global scale - and perhaps that's the final proof of the pudding - as The Anchoress suspects that we are seeing the Forces of Light and Dark playing "before our eyes" in advance of the release of a certain Hollywood movie.

She points out that in the last week we've seen international headlines proclaiming the release of the heretical "Gospel of Judas," ("Jesus asked Judas to betray Him"), a scientist proclaiming that Jesus probably "walked on ice" on a cooler than usual Sea of Galilee ("All miracles are explained by Holy Science"), and a smallish study determining that prayer has no effect on making people better ("Don't you know religion is all hokum?").

Can’t help but wonder if some of this is meant to be a prelude to the release of the Da Vinci Code movie - advance work, if you will. Here we have a plethora of stories trying to debunk common Christian understanding, and I am wondering if it is all part of the movement to mush-up soggy Christians - to foment doubt - and to soften up the non-believers to the idea that if everything Christians believe is worthless, well then, their influence is to be discounted or even disdained, lessened and disresepected.

There is a game afoot - already in play, I think. The gameboard is so huge that we can’t see all the pieces. Chesterton used to write about the paradox of a man riding on the back of a beast so big he didn’t know it was a beast and merely thought it was the world.

Well, it is also close to Easter, the season of recrucifying even the idea of a Christ. Or as Satan taunted (as scripted by Mel), "No one could bear the sins of all humanity. They are too many." Satan would like to forget that Jesus, in addition to being 100 percent human being, was also 100 percent God, and God certainly could make an infinitely acceptable sacrifice that would atone for a massive, but not infinite, number of human sins.

The Anchoress also points out that a certain Cardinal Martino in Italy is practically giving regular press conferences, delivering opinions that justifiably could be called "anti-Ratzingerian manifesto," as another pundit recently suggested. She believes there is more bad media coming our way and she suggests we "gird our loins."

We suspect she's right.


At 12:54 AM, Blogger AWG said...

Great post, Dave. These two stories have really irked me. And I just returned from the Easter pageant out at the Holy City of the Wichitas just now (did a story for the paper and stayed for it all) and they did the part where Jesus walks on the water and the part where Judas betrays Jesus. Man, that the media gives any of these sketchy stories any credence? It's aggravating.


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