Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Cynthia McKinney must resign from Congress

Maybe if enough people post a similar thought, it will happen.

What? You've been in a cave and are not up to speed on this? Here's today's latest.

Cynthia. McKinney. Must. Resign.

For the good of the Republic, or what's left of it.

For the sanity of the Civil Rights movement.

So House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi doesn't go to sleep every night with tears on her pillow, the overwhelming cognitive dissonance of the situation finally removed from her life.

For the long-suffering people of Georgia, who shoulda known better than to put her back in office.

So that Harry Reid and Ted Kennedy once again rule as the most egregious jackasses on Capitol Hill.

Consider this: Tom DeLay is forced to resign from Congress because he used the voluntary contributions of private individuals for political purposes (LEGALITY of said usage yet to be determined). Cynthia McKinney (who Must. Resign.) uses taxpayer funds for political purposes (her own fund-raising efforts, the ILLEGALITY of which is most definitely understood), fusses with and hits Capitol Hill police officers, and there is an embarrassed "hmmmm" from politicians, pundits and prosecutors as to whether anything will be done about it.

McKinney hollers racism right out of the box. The Capitol Hill police are racist, she says. The laws forbidding raiding your office supply budget as a congressman to pay Isaac Hayes ("Shaft") to come to Atlanta for a fund-raiser is clearly racist, she says.

Truth is that if McKinney were white, Hispanic or Asian, she'd be rooming in a federal facility somewhere with her new best friend Wilma, spending her nights in terror and her days doing whatever it is that women prisoners are required to do in federal prisons.


At 10:01 PM, Blogger The Phantom said...

She's a bad act, and she may have pulled her last stunt. I hope that she is prosecuted.


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