Tuesday, March 28, 2006

How not to defeat an enemy

The Anchoress has a gloomy post on the growing crisis of Iran in which she postulates that perhaps it is too late, and the politics of the moment too inextricably linked to political correctness, to avoid a tragic war.
Is it possible that the “end” could be brought about - finally - not by those who scream “war, war,” but by those who have cooed, “peace, peace” and have displaced the moral certitude which centered past crisis-points (and which is required in order to take any action) with a nebulous theory of political correctness and “sensitivity” that has left us crippled, and unable to make a move for fear of…of what? Of being called a name by the rest of the world?
She quotes Charles Krauthammer and William Butler Yeats, and then delivers her final summation. It's so good that we insist you go there immediately.

Why are you still here?


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