Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Protests or the beginning of insurrection?

One of the more down-to-earth, thoughtful expositions on the widespread protests of proposed new, get-tough immigration reform bills is located at the web site of People's Economist George Ure, UrbanSurvival.com. Some parts are so good that we are going to lift them - while concurrently directing you to check out the article in its entirety.

We read George nearly every day, not because we always agree with what he's saying, but he makes us think and he makes us laugh. After months of studying his material we cannot decide whether he's a libertarian, a liberal or, like so many of us today, a shell-shocked, fairly conservative patriot who is unhappy with much of what he witnesses passing for wisdom on both the left and right.

As to the protests of Spanish-speaking people waving Mexican flags and issuing threats, he says today:
Americans are willing to welcome anyone - provided they follow the rule of law we're proud of and assimilate into an operating country.

When it becomes an invasion, to my way of thinking, is when they march under the flag of a foreign country (Mexico) and run around getting whipped up talking about mythical Aztlan.

American's in the main are damn proud of their country. Thanks to our easy exit policies at the border, anyone who wants to march in America under some foreign flag, is welcome to move back to that country. The notion of "reconquista" of California, Arizona, New Mexico, and part of Texas is an intellectual fraud perpetrated by professional agitators, who ought to know that the real "reconquista" was the retaking of the Iberian Peninsula.

We interrupt to add that while it may be intellectually fraudulent, that doesn't stop it from having real damage potential. George continues:

Americans are fine and generous people, but sometimes not very bright. People marching under a flag of a foreign nation inside our hard fought borders are, the way I see it, trying to impose a different government - and that's insurrection. March with Old Glory and work to assimilate and everyone is welcome. I have Vietnamese and Indian friends who have done precisely this: Assimilate. Learn the language, become citizens, and "live long and prosper."

Start talking about turning back the clock, and we'll see Native Americans pushing to send Spanish-speakers back to their country of origin, which by the way, wasn't Mexico.

That's one potential future benefit of our Cherokee citizenship card, and we're not talking about revenue sharing from the casinos (although come to think of it, that's an idea whose time may have come).


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