Monday, July 20, 2009

Let Wild Horses Have Safe Sex

You'll be thrilled to know that the House of Representatives passed HR 1018, the "Restore Our American Mustangs Act" which provides $700 million to the Bureau of Interior to conduct a horse census every two years of the wild mustangs and burros of the American West.

Oh, yeah. One other thing. It provides for "enhanced" contraception so that these animals won't restore themselves too wildly.

We couldn't let Nature take its course now, could we?

And you get to pay for it.



At 4:26 PM, Blogger Blogmaster said...

Betcha I could count those mustangs for say...5,000 dollars for a helicopter rent and beer money in the amount of 200 dollors plus say a half million for mineself resulting in great savings to all of us.
Am I being to realistic?

At 5:28 PM, Blogger Dave the Oklahomilist said...

You may be skimping on the beer money. But if we add another half million to our bid, I would come along and help you hold the horses while we apply the little Trojan horsee things ... or should we farm that job out?

At 11:57 PM, Blogger Terri Farley said...

A month ago I attended the the national Wild Horse and Burro advisory board meeting in Sacramento, CA.
Meeting minutes won't be available to the public until September, but some details from the the reports by Bureau of Land Management staff a are too disturbing to wait.

From my notes:

- BLM continues to say wild horses reproduce at a rate of 20% per year and "Because horses and burros are an introduced species, they have few natural enemies..." In fact, wild horses' population boom is relatively recent, because natural predators and their territories have been reduced by man.

- In place of contraception, BLM is considering upsetting the gender ratio in wild horse herds to 70% stallions. Not only would many stallions be injured in fights, the mares might not survive. If that's a population reduction plan, it's certainly an inefficient one.

-Despite BLM staff protests that the U.S. can't afford wild horses, the BLM's wild horse program turned down Federal stimulus funds

-BLM continues to "zero out" historic grazing ares (HMA/ herd management areas), forcing wild horses to crowd contiguous rangelands, then complains of over-grazing

- Asked why BLM places thousands of captive wild horses with the costliest independent contractors instead of volunteer sanctuaries or less expensive land owners, BLM staff offered no explanation except they wanted to "keep" the expensive contractors

-BLM hasn't made an "annual report" to Congress since 2004, but estimates one should be ready in 2011


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