Friday, July 31, 2009

Pulled Over for Speeding!

Six days on the road, and pulled over by the government for speeding through -- cue Dr. Evil -- One Billion Dollars!

Cash for Clunkers is over.

Actually the government isn't sure whether they've spent $1 billion or $2 billion. Or less.

But they are sure that they are going to be in trouble quickly because a lot of people jumped on the Cash for Clunker voucher program.

As I said yesterday, I don't like the program, and if they add more money and start it up again there will be repercussions and consequences, to be especially felt by the poor as they won't be able to find parts for the old cars that many will keep because they can't afford a $40,000 vehicle. Or $30,000. Or $20,000. Or even $10,000.

And why will the used car parts market go sky high? Because the cars taken in by the Cash for Clunkers program are being crushed and sent off to China for meltdown. China, doing the CO2 intensive remanufacturing that Americans aren't allowed to do anymore.

I'm glad Cash for Clunkers is over, and I hope that you are paying attention. If you turn your thermostat control over to these people, or your health care, don't be too surprised when you find that they suspend some other things you were counting on.

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