Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Coming Doctor Shortage

There are polls showing that perhaps as many as 45 percent of physicians in practice today would make plans to retire, or to go into another line of work, should Congress force a government-run health care system upon us.

That would translate into more crowded waiting rooms even before you add millions of new patients into the system.

Think that news is bad?

Consider another fact of life: the Baby Boomer doctors themselves are nearing retirement age. And since medical schools "capped" enrolments for years in the mistaken belief that we were going to have too many doctors, there are not enough new doctors coming into the system to avoid future shortages, with or without government-run health care.

Government-run health care -- Socialized Medicine -- will make a bad situation into a nightmare.

And yet Congress marches on toward enacting top-down centralized medical planning that the American people do not want, and that the U.S. Constitution does not permit.

Mass insanity.

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