Friday, October 02, 2009

When Pigs Flu ...

It's been an interesting, if uncomfortable week, suffering from what I first thought were ragweed allergies but quickly evolved into muscle aches, fevers and chills. But not a cold. I am reasonably sure, based on how many others around me who have had it, that I am a recovering swine flu victim.

It wasn't fun but it wasn't that bad, as flu goes, and the better news is that I am pre-disastered. Don't need no damn vaccination. I still remember what happened in 1976 and then there are various other warnings and rumors of warnings out there, for your discernment.

My view? Take your vitamins C and D, build your immune system and take your chances while H1N1 is relatively benign. Unless you have a serious secondary infection or other underlying health risk, you may well be better off with the flu than with the shot.

But that's just a non-doctor's opinion. You may wish to consult your congressman for a more informed medical judgment.



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