Friday, December 09, 2005

Life in the Chinese Paradise, 2005

You wanna talk "disappeared"?

Qiao Songju, briefly a hero of the People's Republic after a call to the Agriculture Ministry, has been arrested.

The case in central Anhui province casts doubt on government claims that it will be open about the disease.

The farmer, Qiao Songju, feared that local officials would cover up the death of 200 geese on a farm owned by a friend of his father, so he rang the ministry in October.

An investigation confirmed that avian influenza was the cause. Mr Qiao became a celebrity, and was nominated by state television as an "economic personality of the year". But his wife and lawyer say he was taken away by police late last month.
"He told me that this would bring him trouble," she said.

He was right.

Wonder if she'll ever see her husband again.


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