Tuesday, February 14, 2006

They's bad times a comin' ...

Sometimes it's hard to admit you are a real Okie. Especially when you hear about new procedures down at the tag agency.

We'll let Okiedoke explain further:
Folks thinking about changing their mullet hair style, or any hair style for that mater, had better think again. Now that Oklahoma uses face recognition technology when taking drivers license photos, it might not take much to get yourself detained at the tag agency.
He cites evidence to support his claim.

Having only once taken a DL photo that even closely approximated a) acceptable good looks and b) reality, the Oklahomilist is not looking forward to the next trip in 2009. The current cadaverous photo of yours truly would not pass anyone's inspection. Oh, for the days long since passed when you could talk a tag agent into letting you re-use the picture you liked.


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