Friday, July 31, 2009

Secret Memo Leaked: Insurance Companies 'Evil'

A secret memo between House Democratic leaders outlines their strategy to sucker in the American people -- you -- to support ObamaCare. It's simple:

Insurance Companies Are Evil
“Our message is simple. It is now being echoed by the White House,” said the memo sent to all Democratic members. “And it counters the Republican ‘government takeover’ message.”

The message in the memo, though, won't fit on a bumper sticker:

“Remove the insurance companies from between you and your doctor— capping what they can force you to pay in out of pocket expenses, co-pays and deductibles, and giving you the peace of mind you will be covered for the care you need, if get sick, or if you change or lose your job.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) brought out the new message in an exchange with reporters in the Capitol, when she said, “They are the villains in this.”

The attack comes even though the health insurance industry hasn’t attacked President Obama’s plan or the legislation being hammered out in Congress.
The old razzle dazzle "divide and conquer." The Alinsky Method of identifying your target, freeze it, personalize it, polarize it.

The insurance companies are the target.

It's an easy target because most people do not understand how insurance works. The concept of insurance is to pool the risk of a large number of people, who pay premiums for "coverage." The insurance company calculates the risk of a certain number of people developing this or that illness, or needing doctor visits, or having accidents that will require medical care. Based on these scientific calculations based on actual experiences of large groups, they can offer customers coverage.

This requires a lot of people and a lot of paperwork, and the investors in these companies fully expect to derive a profit. So would you. Without the profit incentive, they would pull their investments and the companies would fold.

Before the advent of modern health insurance, people went to doctors and hospitals and paid cash. Or chickens. Or eggs. Or whatever they had. Back in those days you had a lot of Christian people in the health care industry, because medicine was a holy calling. You weren't likely to make a ton of money. You also were not likely to have a lot of modern diagnostic machinery and tools because the average doctor couldn't afford it based on what people were able to pay. A great number of hospitals were founded and operated by Catholic sisters (nuns) who worked for peanuts out of love for Christ.

The arrival of modern health insurance for the masses changed this picture. Some of the change was very, very good. The loss of the family doctor who made house calls for fried chicken was one of the sadder changes. But the new doctor had access to equipment, and often colleagues who specialized, that could make a dramatic difference in your quality of care. Hospitals changed too. They "secularized" and got all modern. Some nuns decided to go into social causes, and others grew old and retired. Much of the sense of the sacred in hospital work was lost. But hospitals got to the point where they could, with modern medical tools, perform operations and promote healing that in earlier times would have been thought miraculous.

It was change, but it was driven by both the desire to provide excellence and the desire to make money. It seemed to work pretty well until Lucifer came along.

I'm sorry. I meant Big Government. Over the years the Progressives in both political parties -- who hate capitalism AND despise religion -- have created new systems like Medicare and Medicaid that have intruded on the private system. They've passed laws at federal and state levels mandating that certain coverages be given, who cares about the actuarial charts. They granted unrestricted access to medical care for people without insurance or the means to pay, including people in this country illegally.

All in the name of Seeking a Brighter Path for humanity, of course. The intentions are always well meant.

The government, and our government-run schools, have taught people that you are buying health care, not insurance. That is not accurate. But the misconception means that more and more people are demanding that they get the care without the cost.

Democrats are now on message that Insurance Companies are Evil, and that only Big Government can eradicate them so that they will not stand between you and your medical care.

That is true. Instead it will be Lucifer himself, Big Government, standing between you and your medical care. You will be told that you are getting it for Free, as a basic Constitutional right.

But as any fiddling fool will tell you, when you sell your soul to Lucifer, you have the Devil to pay.

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At 11:35 AM, Blogger Blogmaster said...

all insurance should be mutual...but that is just me...
I can not recall a good interaction with an insurance company. I agree with the ObamaNation on this.

At 11:53 AM, Blogger Dave the Oklahomilist said...

I understand your point of view. I've had both good and bad experiences with insurance companies, and I know that many firms have succumbed to the lure of greed over principles. The solution, however, is not Big Government. The solution is getting government out of the health care equation so that true competition can offer people a real choice. Right now our government actually promotes the greedy behavior it is excoriating.

There are times, however, when I think we would be better served by going back to the health care system of the past. Cash, chicken or eggs.


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