Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Erupting natural gas geysers in Oklahoma?

If erupting natural gas and mud geysers don't get your curiosity up, nothing will.

Especially when there are several scattered square miles of Kingfisher County out to the west of Guthrie thus afflicted.

So far there are few details and no one seems to know much.

A good reporter would ask, "What could be happening underground that would cause natural gas to vent and muddy water to boil up?"

He (or she, we're not that old-fashioned) would also ask, "How many times in the state's history has something like this happened? Has it ever happened when someone was drilling a gas well?"

The good reporter would ponder a bit and ask, "Is this in any way related to the large chasm in the earth that opened up last summer in the Texas Panhandle? If it isn't related, then what is causing the Texas event?"

But apparently there are a dearth of good reporters on the story.

Seriously we hope someone smart is checking out the geysers with scientific equipment.


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