Friday, March 03, 2006

'I am the Seal Pup'

Sir Paul McCartney and his animal-rights activist wife took to the ice in northern Quebec to protest the killing of baby seal pups.

You'd think a compassionate, leftish Canadian government would just pay those maritimers the $14 million plus change that they'll earn on this year's hunt in order to save these little guys. Even the mean ol' US of A won't allow seal pup furs to be imported (and hasn't since 1972), so guess who's feeling morally superior now?

The fishermen switched from Atlantic cod to Artic seal pups when the cod fishing dried up about 20 years ago.

But cod are fish, kind of cold and who cares if a cod becomes a tasty morsel on the dinner table. If a cod looks at you imploringly, who could tell anyway?

Ah, but a seal, a fellow mammal, only hangs around the water to eat fish (perhaps even the occasional cod) like we do. And when the baby seal looks at you with those big round eyes ... and says, "you ain't seen nuthin' yet, b-b-b-baby," (perhaps we're just imagining this Canadian-soaked conversation) ...

Well, you just gotta admit the little fellow is pretty cute. Cuter than a walrus.



At 12:37 AM, Blogger AWG said...

Club sandwiches, not seals!


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