Tuesday, March 07, 2006

It's open season for tattoos in Oklahoma

For all of us who wonder where (not to mention why) people were getting their tattoos, Okiedoke has at least part of the answer.
There’s a nasty rumor that Oklahoma is the only state in America where you can’t legally get a tattoo. Not so.
The post from the Ada Evening News explains that tattoo artists are moving into the state because ...
According to Oklahoma State Law, a tattoo is defined as “a permanent indelible mark” that is created by a needle. But since tattoos can now be removed by lasers, they are no longer considered to be as permanent as once thought.

“They kept telling us they were going to regulate tattooing, but that never happened,” he said. “A judge in Tulsa finally realized that, since you can remove a tattoo with a laser; it’s not a permanent mark, so that’s true. Given that’s the case, the way the law is written in Oklahoma, we do not fall under that law right now.
This was enough to give Okiedoke the juice to run two interesting pieces of art, one which we shamelessly replicate here. The other you'll just to to wander over to his place to see.


At 11:21 PM, Blogger AWG said...

Great post. The Oklahoman had an interesting front-page article on tattooing last week. And I was just telling my buddy Krazy Cracker up in New York that Oklahoma was the only state that doesn't allow tattoos ... hmmm ...


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